Market-Entry Strategy

Vartheta introduces a US telemedicine platform to the West African market Overcoming Wi-Fi and signal strength challenges, Vartheta proposes an innovative solution.

The Problem

A telemedicine platform based in the United States was seeking to enter the Nigerian market, but had several challenges including the telecom signal strength, pricing, and marketing. They needed a way to not only enter Nigeria, but scale within the entire West African market.

The Approach

Vartheta coordinated with a market research company in Nigeria to determine the best place for a Beta launch and most strategic target cities for expansion. A complete market-entry strategy was prepared for each city and the West African market as a whole.

The Solution

The solution taken by Vartheta resulted in the company’s ability to not only enter the Nigerian market, but excel through a hybrid cellular calling service, regionally adjusted pricing, and collaboration with the government in order to publicly promote the platform.

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