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Digital Marketing Strategy

Vartheta provides digital strategy for companies that require smart decisions and plans to be made for internal implementation. Review case studies and discover your team.

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Case studies
Vartheta helps a subscription based website increase its users retention

A leading subscription based kit provider improves retention through customer loyalty strategies.

Developing a brand strategy for a biotech company

A real estate company develops an mobile app to increase inventory.

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Aimee Pagano

Marketing Strategy

Aimee has over fifteen years of marketing experience as a marketing manager at the Institute of Food Technology and as a marketing manager at SmithBucklin Corporation, where she oversaw brand management across multiple industries. Aimme has strong proficiency across writing, strategy, and project management from conceptualization to implementation of branding strategies.

Gall Magril

PPC Expert

Gall has extensive experience running PPC campaigns across Bing!, Google AdWords, Facebook, and Yelp!. He has worked with many regional and multi-national companies to manage budgets in excess of $2.0 M per year in advertising spent with a focus on business to consumer industries.

Kayla Perlstein

Social Media

Kayla is a seasoned social media professional and marketing manager who received her degree from the University of Alabama and later went on to serve as the social media coordinator for several internet based brands. She is presently CEO and Founder of Fitfully Chic.

Nick Cheremeteff

Search Engine Marketing

Nick has his MBA and 15+ years of Strategic Growth and Entrepreneurship with the last 10 years in the Digital Marketing, provide me with the know how to find innovative solutions for customer problems and opportunities in growing their business and acquiring new qualified customers. Nick is keen to learn about a business’s strategic business challenges and to provide the tools, the education, and the blueprint to create a customized sales funnel to acquire more customers. The success of his existing companies such as, , demonstrate his proven track record.

Peter Griffin

Search Engine Marketing

Peter has managed over $5.0 M worth of AdWords with over six years of professional experience on AdWords and Bing PPC. He has extensive experience actively managing large accounts of over $200,000 or more during his period at QualitySmith, Point It, and Voltage Search Media agencies, where he increased the sales for one client over 300% over a thirty day period while maintaining ROI.

Shane Quast

Search Engine Marketing

Shane has three years of experience as the former director of marketing at SCOR golf and VP of Marketing for New England University before going on to be founder and consultant at SQ Digital Marketing. Shane received his BBA in Marketing from Texas State University and has worked with top brands including Callaway Golf, Kendall College, and Qualcomm.

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